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Paint Jewels box #2
Last Post 10 Dec 2012 12:15 PM by jkmccnh. 2 Replies.
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LavenderFrost Posts:42722
22 Jan 2010 09:34 AM
    Decorated another little cardboard box with Delta jewel paints. I have double pierced ears but usually don't get around to putting in a second pair of earrings, so I thought if I could organize my small earrings somehow then I would make more use of them. All I did was cut a piece of foam to fit the box, the kind used to stuff a square cushion, and stick the earrings into it.

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    pjank46User is Offline Basic Member Basic Member Posts:228 Avatar
    23 Jan 2010 09:51 AM
    sounds like the stuff I used to do...then give all the earrings away LOL oh well
    gives excuse to make more

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    jkmccnhUser is Offline Basic Member Basic Member Posts:217 Avatar
    10 Dec 2012 12:15 PM
    To anyone who happens to still look at these forums...I FINALLY TALKED TO SOMEONE AT CHAC WHO WAS WILLING TO HELP ME!!!

    Like all of you, I was not happy with Creative Keepsakes magazine as a substitute for our magazine. I received from the club the following list of "substitute" magazines:

    American Woodworker
    Paper Crafts
    Love of Quilting
    McCall’s Quilting
    Quilters Home
    Quilt Maker
    Sew News

    I selected McCall's Quilting. And like many of you, I realized by looking at the mailing label that my magazine subscription expired with the Nov/Dec issue.

    I called McCall's Quilting who said they don't offer lifetime subscriptions. I called CHAC who told me they couldn't help me on the phone and to email. I emailed and received the "someone will get back to you" email, but never received a response. Today I called CHAC again and was first told that McCall's Quilting was not one of the substitute magazines offered. I pushed the issue HARD that it WAS and I had an email from them confirming that I was to receive it as a lifetime subscription. After a long hold I was given an apology and a phone number to contact Creative Keepsakes. Creative Keepsakes said they don't offer lifetime subscriptions and I need to call CHAC. I told them CHAC told me to call them and they repeated that they don't offer lifetime subscriptions and I need to talk to CHAC to get them to renew my "annual" subscription. So I called CHAC back and requested to talk with the same supervisor I had just talked to...I was told she wasn't available. I demanded saying I didn't want to have to go through the entire history again. Was still told that supervisor wasn't available, but was offered another supervisor...Tyler James.

    I had to go through the entire history again but at least he wasn't curt or rude. He seemed a bit surprised to learn that all the subscriptions had to be renewed each year (including the Creative Keepsakes). He told me he would get my subscription renewed immediately, apologized profusely, and told me the process shouldn't be as difficult as it had been. Since I had his ear, I told him that if he took the time to look at the forums he would find that EVERYONE was complaining about the same things...being told they can't be helped on the phone and must email, then not ever receiving a response other than the auto generated one etc. He said both email and phone customer service are the same department and he wasn't aware that we were getting that run-around, and that he would address that immediately. He also said he was going to walk down to the subscription dept and find out what the heck was going on with "expired subscriptions for lifetime members" because our memberships shouldn't be so complicated. He told me that if I didn't start to receive my subscription I should call back and ask for him.

    SOOOOOO, I suggest you ALL call the club at 1-877-893-7885 (you will need your membership #), follow the prompts for "item not received", then ask for Tyler James (really PUSH to speak with him because other supervisors I spoke with were useless). If he gets enough calls from all of us maybe something will finally get fixed for us!!!

    Spread the word!
    You are not authorized to post a reply.