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“Queen of Crafts” Carol Duvall
No sign of slowing down
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Since TV host and “Queen of Crafts” Carol Duvall taped the last episode of the craft show bearing her name, she hasn’t slowed down much. She thought she’d have a little more personal time on her hands to catch up on various projects. She wants to reorganize her craft room and go through the tons and tons of she has full of pictures. However, she admits, “I haven’t even found the top of my desk.”

She feels she’s only adding to the things she wants to get accomplished, “I just keep very busy, but I wonder what I’ve done. I’m happy at the end of the day, while time seems to go ten times faster than before.” She doesn’t know where the time goes. I clean out the kitchen drawers, go for walks, and I’ve learned to say ‘yes’. If someone asks me to a movie or to get a cup of coffee—I say ‘yes’.” She didn’t have much time on her hands while she was working, so now she takes advantage of this time.

Duvall was also very interested in the recent Presidential election. She read everything she could about it, searching the Internet and reading the papers just to learn more. “I was a bit obsessed!” Duvall even took her political dedication a step further by doing some doorbell ringing for her chosen candidate.
Part of last year was also filled recovering from knee replacement surgery in May. “It could be nine months to a year before I am fully recovered, but my physical therapist gives me an A+.” She walks at least two miles a day and hopes to add on to that, which helps with her recovery. Duvall happily says she feels “better than I’ve felt in years. I feel no pain now, and I’m recovering well. It was worth it!”

All of her activities and even work have left her busy nearly nonstop with guest starring on various online shows to talk about crafts and her career as well as attending some crafting events such as Mega Meet, a scrapbook convention. She’s also been involved in other activities the last few years including her family taking a trip to Antarctica and she traveled to Baltimore this past winter to address the Polymer Clay Guild. She even hosts an annual get-together at her house with four of the regular guests on her show: Donna Kato, Karen Thomas, Mary O’Neil, and producer, Kelly Ehrlich. “We refer to it as THE SUMMIT. It started out as a two-day thing, now we’re up to five days!” She also has a lot of company in the summers to enjoy visiting and spending time at her Lake Michigan beach home. Duvall semi-annually takes a trip to New York to see friends and “pig-out” on seeing Broadway shows.

Retirement hardly describes her busy life and she agrees, “It is difficult for me to even say the word retired, but I am enjoying my time away from work.” After years of nonstop work, she has no career projects on her agenda, and she’s still adjusting. “I have these things I want to do at home, but I can’t believe I’m not working. I still have to adjust to this change.” She has her list of goals. After 56 years of procrastination, I have to catch up on getting my photos out of shoe boxes. I have 5,000 pictures and 2,000 or 3,000 slides. I don’t just have to do this, but I want to.” Duvall looks forward to going through these items and reminiscing. “I really want to get them together and look at them along with the people in them, so we can remember what was going on in the pictures. I’m just taking my time and doing a little here and there with no deadlines and enjoying it.”

Nevertheless, Duvall can’t believe how the days go by so quickly now and is open to anything that comes her way. “I can’t pass on a good opportunity.” She’d like to do some more personal writing including the things she remembers from throughout her life and career. Getting back to knitting projects from the show are also high on her to-do list. Since Duvall has had a life and career keeping her busy, one of her mottos could be, “Never say never because you never know.”

Duvall wants her fans to remember these words of advice. “Enjoy the finished project, but enjoy getting there, too! Do it for the enjoyment because there are a lot of benefits for you, and it is fun. When a project is finished a sense of accomplishment is something to feel good about.”


# peverhart
Thursday, August 05, 2010 11:18 AM
I always enjoyed you and your show so much! I miss you. Maybe someday again....Have fun with all your many projects,
Pat Everhart
Tiffin, OH
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