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Paper Craft Contest Runners-up
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What can you do with a humble piece of paper? What can't you do? To make this stunning array of creative projects, you cut, folded, painted, punched, glued, shaped, quilled, and layered it. We saw mosaics, journals, cards, collages, beads, scrapbook pages, papier mâché, pergamano … even a fabulous (though admittedly uncomfortable) couture dress made from recycled jigsaw puzzles!

Congratulations to our winning and honorable mention entries shown in the May/June issue—as well as these runners-up!

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Quilt Pattern Display Book
“I had been cross stitching quilt patterns and looking for a way to display them other than a wall hanging, and this was the perfect solution. A final quilt block is a surprise hidden in the spine (made from a bamboo skewer).”
Cathy L. Pregler
Lake Lillian, Minnesota



Lifetime Scrapbook
“This book was created for a great cousin's 90th birthday party using an assortment of papers and embellishments collected throughout my crafting 'career'. Knowing others get enjoyment from my projects makes me eager to get on to the next one.”
Denise Foster
Eau Claire, Wisconsin


“First Home” Picture
“I made this for my parents for Christmas. The technique I used is called 'washi chigiri-e', an ancient Japanese art form that uses torn papers to create the look of paintings. I read about this in the book Paper Crafts Workshop by Marie Browning.”
Julie D. Richards
Quartzsite, Arizona


Valentine’s Day Card
“I made this card for my boyfriend Danny on. I have a lot that I would like to express to him, so I decided to make a big Valentine's card with nine little cards on it to convey all my love messages. In Chinese, nine means forever, so the nine little cards mean Forever Love.”
Eva Hong
Atlanta, Georgia


Memory Layout
“The pictures are from a campout our family took to Hawley Lake to remember the one year anniversary of my husband's brother's death. I chose to print pictures in a sepia tone to capture the tenderness of each moment. Our family picture I printed in color to really pop it.”
Tiffany Woods
Pima, Arizona


Paper Mosaic Painting
“I used dark brown paint, streaking the paint to look like wood. Then I cut tiny mosaics out of magazines, using pictures that contain the colors in the painting as well as textures. Once it is sealed and framed, no one can believe it is cardboard and magazines.”
Christine Pinnell
Stockbridge, Georgia


Picture Frame
“I cut foam board with an X-acto knife, then covered the edges with cardstock and tacky glue. The wonderful Once Upon a Time Fairytale glitter paper was then cut, torn, glued, and inked to make a perfect frame for this fairy picture, my inspiration for this project.”
Lisa West
Bowdoinham, Maine


Tri-Fold Scrapbook
“I created this tri-fold scrapbook for my daughter to give her best friend as a unique baby gift. This project was tricky and time consuming, but very worthwhile because of all the compliments that I receive. Others have asked if I could make them one for their grandson or granddaughter.”
Denise Horpedahl
Grand Forks, North Dakota


Baby Board Book
“I made this Baby Board Book for my daughter, who is going to have her first baby in May. I started with cardboard letters and covered the front and back of each one with scrapbook paper. Then I made photo mats for the baby's pictures and decorated it for a baby girl.”
Heidi Tuttle
Fowlerville, Michigan


Papier Mâché Dragon
“The skeleton was formed from cut metal clothes hangers. Muscle and body were made with newspaper and then painted. The hat and teacup are made from newspaper as well. Playing cards were cut into spikes, and fake nails and hair were added last.”
Victoria Wright
North Port, Florida























































































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