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Paint It Contest 
Paint It! Contest
Those of you who entered the Paint It! contest really had us working hard to select the winners—all the entries were so beautiful. We’ve kept you waiting long enough; enjoy—and meet the winners. Included online are 17 photos not seen in the magazine!
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Web Extra  FULL SIZE PATTERN: Knit Belted Sweater
Web Extra  FULL SIZE PATTERN: Rag Quilt and Pillow - Flower
Web Extra  FULL SIZE PATTERN: Rag Quilt and Pillow - Butterfly
Web Extra  FULL SIZE PATTERN: Silk Ribbon Heart
Web Extra  PAST ISSUE FULL SIZE PATTERNS: Full Sized Patterns from Previous Issues

Silk Ribbon Heart 
Silk Ribbon Heart
by Linda Wyszynki
Embroider a family heirloom stitching to display on your wall.
Web Extra  FULL SIZE PATTERN: Silk Ribbon Heart 
Rag Quilt 
Stars Among Us: Marie Osmond
Rag Quilt & Pillow Covers
Sew a ragged-edge quilt and pillow with Marie’s new fabrics.
Web Extra  FULL SIZE PATTERN: Flower 
Web Extra FULL SIZE PATTERN: Butterfly 
Interview INTERVIEW: An Interview with Marie Osmond 
Floral Romance 
Floral Romance
by Pam De Wit
Create an elegant rose arrangement in just a few easy steps.



Molding Magic 
Carol Z's Accent on Style: Molding Magic 
Add the finishing touch to any room with creative molding. 
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Knit Belted 
Knit Belted Sweater
by Susan Shildmeyer
Make a fashionably long jacket sweater with a large sailor collar.
Web Extra  FULL SIZE PATTERN: Knit Belted Sweater 
Beaded Chess Set 
Beaded Chess Set
by Sandy Laipply
Add class to a classic game with beaded chess pieces and an inlaid wood board.
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Clay Wine 
Clay Wine Decanter
by Linda Hess
Cover a glass wine decanter with clay pieces to match painted glasses.
Storage Caddy 
Make It Green: Storage Caddy
by Debra Quartermain
See how you can turn throw-away items into creative keepers.
Perpetual Calendar 
Perpetual Calendar Desk Set
by Marie Browning
Make a calendar with matching notepad and pen in a theme of your choice.
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Metallic Decor 
Metallic Decor
by Colette George
Capture a favorite family tradition in your album—with pieces for your kitchen to match!
Swing Bag 
Swing Bag
by Linda McGehee
Sew a go-anywhere purse when you just need to have the essentials.
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Developing a Photo Album 
Developing a Photo Album
First in a Two-Part Series
by Cindy Groom-Harry and Marlene De Weerd
Learn how to organize and label your photos before you begin your scrapbook pages.
Magnet Card 
Grandma, Mom & Me: Magnet Frames
by Cindy Groom-Harry
Make a frame that turns into refrigerator magnets.
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Between Friends & Your Thoughts

Contributors  8
What’s New, What’s Hot  46
Coming Next  76
Creative Connections  10 
Come to our meeting place where members share ideas with each other.
Contest Announcements  22
Enter your creative projects in a new contest in every issue!
Paint It! Contest Winners 54
Admire a gallery of members' award-winning projects.
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Member Benefits  60
Take advantage of all of your club member privileges.

Great Giveaway

Win great prizes!
Member Tested and Recommended 64
Look at the products your fellow members are recommending.
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The Basics & Patterns  68
Use the helpful guides to help you complete the how-to projects.
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My Favorite Room 76

See one member’s winning home renovation.

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