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Green and Easy Sculpture Stand
Support made easy
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“I am always looking for unique ways to construct my doll sculptures so they are steady, sturdy yet lightweight, and with a base that is unobtrusive. Although this project is made for my dolls, it can easily be adapted for other needs. The two dolls shown were made using this technique. I also have made an elephant posed so he is standing up on his hind legs, so this technique affords great balance with little additional weight.”

Skill:    1    Time:    1    Cost:    1

You will need:

•  Two CDs (recycle discs)
•  5" square corrugated cardboard
•  2" x 4" wood block
•  6" or larger square of fabric or paper to cover discs
•  24" of 6 to 8-gauge wire (can be trimmed later)
•  Rotary tool* (or drill/bit same gauge as wire)
•  Wire cutters
•  Craft knife & mat
•  Hot glue gun & glue sticks
Marking pen, pencil, scissors  

*A Dremel rotary tool was used for this project.

Note: For product information, see end of article.

STEP 1: Preparation. Trace around one disc onto corrugated cardboard and mark center. Draw a 1/8" x 2 1/2" box in the center (Photo A). Note: Adjust depending on project needs. Use scissors to cut out circle just inside marked line. Use craft knife to cut out center rectangle (Photo B).

STEP 2: Assemble stand. Use wood block to bend center of wire into a flat-bottomed U shape about 2" wide (Photo C). Lay wire on one disc and mark two dots. Note: For a good fit, use wire to measure. Use rotary tool or drill to bore two holes (Photo D). Slide wire up through holes (Photo E). Use hot glue gun to spread glue on bottom of disc and over wire. Quickly press on cardboard. Place more glue on bottom of cardboard and press  on remaining disc, sandwiching cardboard between the two discs.

STEP 3: Finish. Place stand upright (Photo F). Note: Wire may seem a little wobbly until glue hardens, so make sure it is held straight up. Cover discs with fabric, paper, etc. of your choice. Build art project on wire.



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