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Recycled Bottle Craft: Bat Treat Holders

Bat Treat Holders
A green Halloween project
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Paint a cut-up plastic soda bottle embellished with clay to make silly treat holders for Halloween!

Finished sizes: 4 1/2" tall Bats

Skill:    1    Time:    1    Cost:    1

You will need:

•  Recycled 20 oz. plastic water or soda bottle
•  White air-dry clay*
•  3/4" wash brush
•  Acrylic craft paints: lavender, purple, green, fuchsia, orange
•  Dimensional paints: white, black, orange, green
•  Clay slicer blade
•  Acrylic roller
•  Circle clay cutter, 1/2" and 3/4" or similar
•  Scraps of eyelash yarns: black, purple
•  16" of 1/4" navy grosgrain ribbon
•  Cosmetic blush
•  Sparkle glaze
•  Permanent fabric glue*
Craft knife, plastic placemat (for work surface), small scissors

*The following products were used for this project: Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac glue • Creative Paperclay Delight.

Note: For product information, see end of article.

•  Allow paint, and glue to dry between steps.
•  See photo for details and placement.
STEP 1: Prepare bottle. Use craft knife to carefully cut plastic bottle in half.

STEP 2: Make clay pieces. Roll out clay to about 1/4" thick onto plastic placemat. Use slice blade to cut out two large triangles about 2" on all sides. For wings, use round clay cutter to cut out three quarter circles from one side of each triangle. Cut two more triangles for bottle top bat.

For each bat, cut two circles for eyes, and four smaller triangles for ears and bow ties. Cut four tiny triangles for teeth. Roll and flatten an oval of clay for each nose. Roll a tiny ball of clay for each bow tie knot. Press knot onto bowtie. Let all dry several hours or overnight.

STEP 3: Paint & assemble. Glue ears onto bottle sections. Add a string of clay to back of each wing for support and glue to sides of bottles as shown. When dry, paint one bottle lavender and the other purple. Coat holders with sparkle glaze. Paint one bow tie orange and one green. When dry, add dimensional orange and green paint dots to bow ties.  Paint noses fuchsia. Add dots of black dimensional paints to eyes.

STEP 4: Add details.
Glue eyes, noses, and bow ties to front of bottles. When dry, use black dimensional paint to draw on mouths. Add a dot of white dimensional paint to highlight noses and eyes as shown. Add a dot of blush for cheeks and white dimensional paint dots. Glue on teeth. Glue black or purple eyelash yarn to top front or around top edge of holders.

STEP 5: Finish. For handles, cut two 8" lengths of ribbon. Glue ends of one ribbon to top inside edge of bottle directly across from each other. Repeat for second bottle.


Beacon Adhesives, Inc.

(800) 865-7238
Creative Paperclay Co.
(800) 899-5952


Bat Treat Holders

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