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Ceramic Puzzle Vases
Three vases that fit like a puzzle
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Skill: 2 Time: 1 Cost: 2

Finished size: Approx. 12" tall

You will need:
•  Duncan Oh Four Bisque*: 25810 Puzzle Vase (sides), 25811 Puzzle Vase (center)
•  Underglaze*: Concepts CN 341 Light Pink for bisque and majolica
•  Glazes*: CN 2000D Concepts Clear Dipping Glaze, French Dimensions FD 258 Pure White
•  Paintbrushes: No.6 fan glaze, No.6 round
•  Palette knife
•  Black permanent marker
Cooling rack, foil, paper towels, plastic tub, self-adhesive shelf paper, small sharp scissors, small silk sponge

*Duncan products were used for this project.

Note: For product information see end of instructions.

•  For best results, please read all instructions before beginning project. 
•  Refer to photo for color and design placement.

STEP 1: Clean vases. Wipe ware with damp sponge to remove any dust.

STEP 2: Apply underglaze. Pour 2" of Light Pink underglaze into vase. Roll Light Pink in pitcher until inside is completely covered. Pour excess into tub to be re-used. Place foil under cooling rack. Turn pitcher upside down onto cooling rack, letting remainder of glaze drip out. Let dry. Repeat procedure for remaining vases.

STEP 3: Make stencils. Place shelf paper over pattern, shiny side up. Trace patterns, using marker. Use scissors to cut inside from each design.

STEP 4: Apply stencils. Layer paper towels onto work surface. Lay vases flat side down onto paper towels, arranging one vase to left and one vase to right of center vase. Carefully remove paper backing from one stencil at a time. Press into place on side of vase. Run a fingernail along inside edges of paper to ensure a tight seal. Repeat procedure to apply stencils to other vases.
Squeeze a puddle of Pure White glaze onto foil. Use palette knife to apply an even coat into stencil opening, working quickly. Swirl glaze to create texture. Carefully remove stencils. Let dry.

STEP 5: Apply underglaze. Apply one coat of Light Pink underglaze to outside of each piece, using No. 6 Fan Glaze brush. Let dry. Use the #6 round paintbrush to apply Light Pink glaze around each of the raised designs and remainder of front on each vase. Repeat step when dry.  Let dry after second coat.

STEP 6: Finish. Use No. 6 Fan Glaze paintbrush to apply one even coat of Dipping Glaze to entire outside and 2? down the inside of each piece. Let dry. Stilt and fire to cone 6.

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StepsCeramic Puzzle Vases 

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